Welcome to the CfHE Lab Booking System

Here you can book CfHE Lab facility with your convenient time and availability and book a time at any of our 5 laboratories:


Electronics Lab

Room 709.1 - 709.2 Academic Building "C"

Discussion room

Room 709.3 - 709.4 Academic Building "C"

Prototyping Lab

Room 710.1 - 710.2 Academic Building "C"

Mechanical Workshop

Room 710.3 - 710.4 Academic Building "C"


Room 614 Academic Building "C"


Room 223 Academic Building "A"

Rules & Conditions

Lab hours may change unexpectedly due to unforeseen circumstances.

All labs require safety glasses to be worn at all times. General lab rules are to be obeyed at all times.

Once your lab booking hours reach 20 hours of total booking time, a lab supervisor will be notified, and you no longer will be able to book unless permitted by a lab supervisor.