About CfHE Labs

CfHE lab facility that provides a controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement may be performed.

Mechanical Workshop

Workshop is a place where skills can be developed. The areas such as fitting, carpentry, welding machining, smithy can help me to check my theoretical knowledge learnt in classroom. Mechanical workshop which transform any innovative concept into reality and helped in every step of the process from design & analysis to the manufacturing and production process. As the technologies are advancing it is essential that the industries will be looking for engineers who can work on these innovative technologies and give solutions.

    • Milling Machine
    • Milling Machines are capable of milling and turning the materials as well. The milling machine has got the cutter installed up on it which helps in removing the material from the surface of the work piece.

    • Laser Cutting Machine
    • The laser cutting machine emits a high powered laser beam to either cleanly cut or etch a specific design on materials such as steel, plastic or wood. It is generally used more for industrial manufacturing applications and the beam will either burn, vaporise or melt away the excess product, leaving a superior finished design or edge.

  • Softwares
    • CNC machine software
    • Laser cut machine software.
  • Equipments
    • Blower, Drimmel,Cutter, Mini grinder, Jigsaw, Vaccum Pumup, Drilling Machine,Clamps & Table, Heat gun

Prototyping Lab

3D printing is an additive manufacturing technique by which you can create a physical object from a 3D CAD model by depositing successive layers of materials. The technique is similar to a traditional inkjet printer, but instead of ink 3D printer deposits desired material to manufacture an object from its digital format. All the major industries have already started implementing this technology in their manufacturing process to achieve higher precision and efficiency.

    • Solidworks
    • SolidWorks is a solid modeling computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) computer program that runs on Microsoft Windows. SOLIDWORKS products are easy to learn and use, and work together to help you design products better, faster, and more cost-effectively.

  • Softwares
    • Solid works Software
    • Flashforge 3d print software.
  • Equipments
    • B9 R3 Printer Liquid Resin
    • Flash forge printer
    • Wanhao Printer

EMI/EMC Testing Lab

  • Softwares
    • EMC testing software
  • Equipments
    • HZ 16 Amplifier
    • LISN(Line Impedence Stabilization Network)
    • EMC test receiver
    • LP Antenna
    • Near field probe set, Control Cable

Electronics Lab

Due to the complex nature of electronics theory, laboratory experimentation is an important part of the development of electronic devices. These experiments are used to test or verify the engineer's design and detect errors.

    • Development Platform
    • Development platforms are circuit boards with micro-controllers, Aurdino boards, Raspberry Pi. They process inputs such as motion, light, touch, and temperature, and they control output such as lights, motors, and audio.

    • Interface Boards
    • Interface boards can be used with microcontrollers for wireless/bluetooth/cellular connectivity.They can be supplemented with Bluetooth Low Energy module and GPS module for connectivity

    • Sensors
    • Sensors are an important part of any electronic project as they help in getting the data from the environment such as motion, temperature, light, proximity, pressure, humidity, touch, and more.There is a wide selection of sensors available, but the ones to definitely stock in the lab would be accelerometer, inertial measurement unit (IMU) , temperature sensor, photo resistor, proximity, hall-effect, pressure, infrared, humidity and capacitive touch sensors.

    • Batteries and Regulators
    • LEDs, Motor Drivers, Audio, Displays, and Relays
    • Linear and Digital ICs
    • Passives, Transistors
    • Wires, Cables, Buttons, and Headers
    • Multimeters,Power Supply, Oscilloscope, Soldering Platform, Bread board

Wet Lab

A wet lab, or experimental lab, is a type of laboratory where it is necessary to handle various types of chemicals and potential "wet" hazards, so the room has to be carefully designed, constructed, and controlled to avoid spillage and contamination.

    • Biosafety cabinet
    • A biosafety cabinet is an enclosed, ventilated laboratory workspace for safely working with materials contaminated with (or potentially contaminated with) pathogens requiring a defined biosafety level.The primary purpose of a BSC is to serve as a means to protect the laboratory worker and the surrounding environment from pathogens. All exhaust air is HEPA-filtered as it exits the biosafety cabinet, removing harmful bacteria and viruses.

    • CO2 Incubator
    • A CO2 incubator is used to culture cells to provide it with the optimum temperature, moisture (sterile environment) and to maintain optimum pH. When the media contains carbonate buffer, the CO2 gas from the cylinder is let into the incubator in such a way that the pH remains constant.